Regional Map

You can explore current and future low-traffic neighbourhoods on this interactive map of Brussels.

The neighbourhoods which started their journey in 2021 are outlined in light green.

The neighbourhoods which started their journey in 2022 are outlined in dark green.

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  • 2021
  • 2022
  • Phase 1: diagnostics
  • Phase 2: scenarios
  • Phase 3: decision
  • Phase 4: realization

4 major steps

Low-traffic neighbourhoods will undergo a 4-step implementation process:

Phase 1
  • Analysis of mobility by experts and involvement of citizens
Phase 2
  • Proposal of scenarios
  • Consultation with residents, business owners and users
Phase 3
  • Final traffic plan
  • Information
Phase 4
  • Implementation and infrastructure

The background colour makes it easy to identify which phase each neighbourhood is currently in.

To explore a neighbourhood in detail, simply click on the regional map.